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Reaction Paper(ARGUELLES:IMMORAL TO FAVOR RH) Angel Eloisa N. Bengilo III-PISCES The RH Bill is one of the hottest issue now in the Philippines. Many are asking if, what good and bad would it do? What are the benefits? Is it really the answer to the problem in our country? Or is it another way for the politicians to make money? Whatever the answer is, whether this bill was approved and the people doesn’t want it or either way around, still the people will decide for this. It has been a long debate at congress regarding this matter because of a very sensitive issue that involves the people and religion. One of the reason why this bill was passed because of the Poverty. We all know that poverty is the main problem in our country. And they said that the population greatly affects or results to a poverty because of this over population, the people doesn’t have the capability to grow their children for they have many. Another reason is people may have sickness or any transmitted disease. These are reasons why the bill was created which aims to implement family planning, sex education etc. But a part of this bill somehow states if the bill was passed, then the abortion would be legal and, yes, the Roman Catholic Church don’t want this as they are PRO-Life. The church is one of the most against this bill, where they exaggeratedly teach not support RH bill during mass. As stated, Arguelles said it would be “immoral” for lawmakers to vote for the RH Bill. As a young adult, I am disagree or not in favored in this law. This reproductive health bill is immoral. Killing an innocent infant from the womb of a mother, isn’t it immoral? How could those congressmen, senators and other local government employee agree with that law? Are they insane? I wonder if they knew that the bill that they are pushing is a Murder bill. Are they really favored with that law or just

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