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A Research Study On The Attitude of the Students in CE21FB1 of TIP-Manila towards RH Bill TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page Approval sheet Table of contents Chapter 1. The Problem and its Background Background of the Study Statement of the Problem Significance of the Study Scope and limitation 2. Theoretical Framework and Related literatures Related Literature/Studies Local Literature Conceptual Framework/Research Paradigm Hypothesis Definition of Terms 3. Methodology Methodology Research Used Source of Data Sampling Technique Data Gathering Procedure Research Instrument Statistical Treatment of Data APPROVAL SHEET This proposed study The Attitude of the students in CE21FB1 of TIP Manila towards Rh Bill as Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Introduction RH Bill or Reproductive Health Bill, this is a research proposal that has been not yet solve, it is a long time issue that has no answer yet but many people disagree to this Rh Bill especially the church. How Rh Bill helps our economy? Rh Bill implement to lessen the population of the country and to control the number of new born baby to avoid the shortage of resources in the future. The basic condition of this bill is to introduce Filipinos and distribute to them family planning devices. It also aims for health care centers all over the country to circulate information on how to properly use them. Companies and schools are also encouraged to do the same with their employees and students. Through this, the bill intends to alleviate the problem of overpopulation in the Philippines. The bill, like any other thing in the world, is surrounded by controversies. It is actually a really good bill but a lot of people are opposing it. The number one group who opposes it is the Catholic Church. Though not entirely stated in the bill,

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