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NOY CALLS UNITY AFTER RH BILL APPROVAL President Aquino called for unity among all sectors following the approval by Congress of the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) bill. He said the administration was not an “enemy” of those against the measure and the battle was not about those in power but the people who would benefit from the measure. The Catholic Church actively campaigned against the passage of the RH bill, which after 14 years hurdled Congress. Aquino said he was hoping that all sides could move on and continue to be united on issues involving the country and the people as a whole. “It makes my job that much easier if we are united in whatever endeavor we have to face. There are problems affecting the world where we cannot be isolated, and we, as a people, we really march forward as one, and that helps,” Aquino told the Bulong Pulungan Forum yesterday. “For instance, what do we want to see happen? We just finished the RH debates. When I talked to members of Congress and others, I was saying that this was a divisive issue, let’s finish the issue. That issue, I think, has been finished and the last steps will be done probably by today or by tomorrow. When it becomes a law, let us move on… to ensure that all the positive attributes of the bill really is what happens,” he said. The President appealed to the public not to consider “people who have divergent opinions as the enemy.” “There are no enemies within the country… we shouldn’t treat each other as the enemy, but rather as people united in so many ways… in the various problems affecting our country and our society,” he said. “So to those who agree with me, I’ve been asking, look, this is not a battle that there are victors and losers. This is a battle where the country – especially the women and the children – can be victors. We have to work to ensure that everybody’s committed to doing that,”

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