Rfid Defenition Essay

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What is RFID? How does it work? Identify a company who uses this technology and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology in which a tag with an antenna is attached to an object that is to be monitored and as the object passes by readers, radio waves are collected from the tag. These radio waves carry data which is decoded into information about the object. Macy's is a company which uses RFID. Macy’s is a chain of department stores owned by the American multinational company Macy’s, INC. Macy's uses RFID to track large products quantities and to serve customers faster and more efficiently. Macy’s implemented this technology for merchandise that’s quickly goes out of stock in order to maintain good inventory levels and never runs out of those products. Some major advantages of the RFDI technology are: * First, it gives companies a clear picture of when to restock their inventories as they are monitored by size and color. * Second, it allows sales representatives to improve their customer service by finding wanted merchandise in other Macy’s stores and having them sent to the customer’s home. This strategy has proven to lead to better inventory control and increase sales. * Finally, it helps sales associates identify the location of products in the store, which reduces labor costs and increases sales. The RFID system may reduce operation costs in the long run. The combination of all above mentioned advantages will result in improved convenience On the other hand, the disadvantages of implementing this strategy include but not limited to reduction in staff because of the automation of many staff duties. Also, the high cost of buying, implementing, and maintaining the technology. In addition to that, having such technology requires training the sales associates on how to use RFID system. Finally,
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