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Supply Chain Management is an essential part of any business or corporation to produce the best customer satisfaction and achieve an advantage over another competitor. Operating a supply chain requires a continuous flow of information to maintain an organized business. RFID (radio frequency identification) is technology that uses tiny microchips to store and transmit information using different radio wave frequencies. With this technology, information can be passed along faster and more efficiently. Many companies around the world such as Wal-Mart have been benefiting from RFID in their supply chain. But the majority still uses the current UPC and ISBN barcode technology. A key difference between RFID and the current identification technologies is that there is no need of a physical or visual connection between the tagged item and the reader. The connection between the two will be wireless under radio transmission. There is no longer a need to manually scan each individual object to find out information about an item. Every item with an RFID tag imbedded in the radius of a reader can be determined and time will be saved. Moreover RFID tags can hold more information then the barcode counter parts. Information such as the manufacturer, product type and even the serial number can be stored in the tags. Advanced tags can store additional data such as time, location, and temperature. RFID will eventually replace barcode technology in the future. As like most technology, RFID has its share of flaws. While RFID can accelerate the supply chain process, information can easily be available to another company. Supply chain processes and data can be the most confidential information to a company. Until now, gathering intelligence about a competitor’s supply chain has been limited by both cost and legal constraints. With the increased amount of data space for information,

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