Rewriting American History

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On “Rewriting American History” by Frances Fitzgerald (please post feedback, comments, and especially criticism!) In “Rewriting American History”, Frances Fitzgerald compares modern history education to her history education in the ‘50s. She expresses a great concern about the way modern history is presented to students when she states, "each generation of children reads only one generation of schoolbooks…forever--their particular version of America". History education could change for the better; history students should only be taught facts, history textbooks should only be added to, and new textbook editions should only be written when it is necessary. Too many history textbooks involve emotions when discussing certain topics. First, history textbooks should always be objective. When authors are too subjective, they seem biased. Only facts should be presented to students. Otherwise, it seems as if someone else’ thoughts are being pushed onto them. Authors claim that the pretty descriptions and illustrations are designed to make the books more exciting for students. On the contrary, the books are just as boring—they are just longer with pretty pictures. These authors unwittingly make it difficult for students—including myself--to form their own opinions. The books are not just biased; they change so often that it is difficult for students to learn. Next, history books should not be revised; they should only be added onto. If anything new is discovered about past events, it should be added only as an annotation to the original content. History itself does not change, so why should the content of a history book change? The textbooks themselves are part of history. Students often end up having to learn an entirely new history every time a book is revised. If the authors only added new things to the books, students would likely do better in

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