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Fish cheek I was so nervous since my family was invited by the Tans to spend our Christmas Eve with them. Amy, a fantastic Chinese girl with long black straight hair, was a transfer student my class. Never before had I met such charming and elegant girl, who always wore special long dresses, shyly smiled to everyone, gently speaking, and managed everything well. I fell in love with her at first sight. Sure enough, I became stressed and had trouble falling asleep after knowing that. What if I bother them because of my ignorance of Chinese culture? Would I seem so rude that might leave a terrible impression on Amy? Oh my gosh, I could not imagine! The important day was approaching while I was getting more and more embarrassed. On the very day, I put on my most smart clothes, which I never even allowed others to touch, for this significant date. My father took a long time to search the internet, finding the formal style of Chinese when presenting a party. My father was astonished when I shouted to him, “Hurry up! It is almost 5 o’clock!” Though I was a little gentleman, I became anxious when thinking about being late, because I knew the importance of punctuality to Chinese. Fortunately, my father’s handsome BMW arrived Amy’s house on time in the roar of traffic. Though there were a crowd of relatives of her walking in front of me, I saw shining Amy from a distance as soon as I got off. My heart started pumping for her short glimpse. I tried to calm down as my father pushed me stepping into their house. “How’s it going, Amy.” I tried my best to keep down my voice in order not to be found it was shaking. “Good.” Amy still responded gently with a light smile. But what disappointed me was that hardly had she spoken than she left away. Maybe Amy had something urgent to finish, however, it felt like I was of little importance in her

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