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Rewind That Please I adore going to major league baseball games. I love the sites of the park as you’re arriving; the magnificent size of the stadium astounds me. Scoping out all the various types of stands for bats, balls, memorabilia and programs is always fun. I enjoy the smell of fresh buttery popcorn, roasted peanuts, and the aroma from the field of freshly cut grass. I always like to get there early to appreciate the stadium and to make sure I’ve found my seat in time catch some batting practice. The eagerness of the first pitch and watching my favorite player make a perfect play makes watching the game much more worthwhile. My favorite experience is when the crowd thunders with screams as the ball barrels toward the homerun fence, with the volume in the stadium escalating until the ball crosses over into the bleachers. Baseball is unlike most sports played here it is the only sport that truly grew up in America. This is most likely the reason why this country has taken such a deep grasp on our nation’s purest sport. The game as we know it started roughly around the early 1800’s in eastern cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, and was played with many different rules. (Rossi) However baseball today still remains to its truest form and is as popular as ever. In professional sports today, technology is used to instantly replay any decision that an official has made. It is typically in slow motion to show an event which was important, remarkable or unclear for an official to make a correct call. Since 2008 instant replay has been implemented to assess boundary calls such as home runs, or if the ball went foul. In executing such a drastic technology to our nation’s only purest sport many have given their opinion of why this is such a debauched notion; integrating instant replay to baseball is a bad idea because it is taking away the element

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