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Reward Management and its impact on employee behaviour ‘A case study of McDonald’ BACHELOR’S THESIS Under scientific supervision of: Ph.D. Nicolas Levi Józefów 2013 Acknowledgement Firstly, I am very honoured to work in this thesis to accomplish it along with my sincerity and motivation. Every knowledge, competence and guidance by Nicolas Levi (PhD.), helped me a lot to perform every step in this thesis independently. Without his guidance and persistent help this dissertation would not have been possible. I would like to express deep appreciation to my supervisor Nicolas Levi (PhD., MBA) stimulating suggestions and helpful cooperation in the time of writing this paper. Special thanks to, Mr. Zygmunt Domanski (PhD.), Mrs. Anna Antczak (Associate Professor, PhD.), Mr. Kapil Khadka (MBA), Mrs. Anna Wach (MA) and other colleagues who provided a lot of useful information and valuable ideas and suggestions. Also, I am indebted to the all author and scholar equally from which I got valuable encouragement, ideas and helped better understand the theory. This thesis is dedicated to my all my family members who supported and motivated me during the time of thesis writing. Without their support, I would still be trying to decide a major undergrad. Introduction Reward management is an important part of modern business. Every business is operating through optimum utilization of human resource. So, employee satisfaction and reward system is very important and crucial to achieve goals and objectives of the organization. Firstly, the main objective of my research is to examine the relationship between employee’s performance, behavior and also a reward system within Organization. Reward system plays a vital role in achieving the Organizational goal and
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