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Throughout history revolutions have dramatically impacted our nation - economically, politically and socially. The French Revolution and the Neolithic Revolution are exemplary marked in history and rightfully so. Thus, these acts of braveness gave countries all around the world courage to follow in their footsteps - henceforth, allowing us citizens, to do things our ancestors would have never even dare dream about. The Neolithic Revolution is probably by far the one I’m most grateful for. Before the Neolithic Revolution, our ancestors lived in the Paleolithic Era. This era is also referred to as the Stone Age and it’s about two million years old. Our ancestors were referred to as nomads- this was because they constantly hunted gathered and moved with their food. That was the key to life and survival. Thus, they were always in constant motion. Although, they had no instructions and very little to rely on, our ancestors exceeded expectations. During a good hunting season, they will use the animals for more than food. Things like clothes and weapons were also created. They created art that further helped us understand their lives. Lastly, but not least they created fire!!! That’s probably what I’m most grateful for. When the Neolithic Era came into place, life was made extremely easier. Civilizations rose, conveniently near rivers in which they would gather soil to further develop agriculture. Technical skills were advanced- people learned how to make and use bronze tools and weapons. The tools helped create permanent settlements, meaning no more constant moving. Since agriculture increased, people had time to dive into trading, art and mechanism. Furthermore, the Neolithic Revolution is an essential part in history. Prior to the Revolution, France and most countries were conducted by a monarchy government- this meant the king had absolute

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