Revolutionary War Dbq Essay

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Twelve years after the end of the French and Indian War, Americans found themselves in a conflict with their very own mother country. Although England had just helped win the war for the colonists, this conflict was still occurring. According to the documents, the primary reasons for revolt was associated with finances. There are two different views about Americans being justified for waging war and breaking away from Britain, the British view and the American view. Each side believes the other side was wrong. The British did not understand why the colonies would want to break away from England after England protected them from the French. British thought that they could charge the American colonists taxes for the French and Indian war of…show more content…
The Americans felt anger and rage when parliament kept passing laws of taxation without consulting them first. “Taxation without representation” was a common saying for this. When the Stamp Act was passed, Americans harassed stamp distributors, boycotted British goods, and prepared a Declaration of Rights and Grievances. Since this tax fell through, another tax was imposed, the Townsend Acts. Colonists protested these taxes by saying “taxation without representation” and by organizing a new boycott of imported goods. Still more money was needed so the final tax was placed, the Tea Act. This made the colonists extremely mad because tea was the most popular beverage in the colonies due to the necessity of boiling bacteria out of water before consuming it. Colonists rebelled in Boston by dumping 18,000 pounds of East India Company tea into the harbor. This event was later recognized as “The Boston Tea Party”. John Dickinson, a Pennsylvania political leader who served in the Stamp Act Congress of 1765, says that the purpose of the Stamp Act and Townsend Acts was for “raising a revenue”(document 2). The term massacre was used to describe an event that was not exactly a massacre, this term was brought about by rumors and bias news reports (document 3). John Dickinson and Thomas Jefferson say Americans were justified in fighting British because British officials were becoming tyrants (document 5). The British would
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