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Cara Hendrick English 220 Dr. McGregor November 25, 2012 Revolutionary Road The American Dream, when Americans think of this infamous phrase many might think of success, wealth, fame, or maybe themselves. Sometimes you have to stare reality in the face, and move on with life. Some peoples’ safe havens may be to run to movies, music, or their luxuries to escape the rigors of true life. Everyone wants to think they are superior to whatever their time is invested in. Sometimes when things do not go exactly as planned people feel like their whole life is over, or everything they have lived for was for nothing. How they deal with that can determine the rest of their life. As the Revolutionary Road unfolds we see how Frank and April’s feeling of superiority against reality affects their lives, and how they cannot bite the bullet, accept it and move on with life as it is. In this story, everyone wants to live the American dream, but unfortunately reality says otherwise. In the movie Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates, the two protagonists, Frank and April, had just moved to Connecticut from the very suburban area of New York City. They are experiencing life as it is in the mid 1950’s as a young married couple with two children. Life is stressful as they are just settling in, trying to figure things out in their new home. April, as a stay at home mom with two kids that she wanted to abort, and Frank, who was in the armed services during WWII who still enjoyed extra-marital activities, had a very insecure marriage as they went through their trials and tribulations. “April, meanwhile, wanted to be an actress, and still feels she is meant for higher things” (Gleiberman). She tried out for the lead role in the community theater production “The Petrified Forest”. Come to find out what she thought was going to be a success, was a failure.

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