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Devin Miller Revolutionary Characters What Made the Founders Different In the book Revolutionary Characters What Made the Founders Different, the author is giving a basic understanding of the backgrounds of our founding fathers. He wants his readers to understand how they tie together, and how they fall apart at the end. This nation in which we live in is dedicated to those who worked so hard to form a basic structure in our government system, our Founding Fathers. This is what the author is trying to point out in this book. This book talks about the accomplishments, problems, and ideas that our founding fathers had to impact our nation in what it is today. The first main character described in this book, is none other than George Washington.…show more content…
After serving as his vice president, this was a huge step for him. Although he wasn’t a very social guy, he still managed to find a way to get his point across. This was seen to be interesting for most of his listeners, due to the facts that all of his listeners were use to public speaking individuals. Thomas Paine was an ambitious writer, who was looking to make a difference in this world. This goal that he set would become known as “Common Sense”. After “Common Sense” was released, he became an instant star. Because of the success of his first pamphlet, he decided to go for another one, called “The American Crisis”. He was basically telling everyone what they were doing wrong, and why they needed to fix it. This became an eye opener to many of the Americans today, as well as that time period. Under the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr became the third Vice President of the United States of America. During this time he would move to become President of the Senate. This was quite an honor for him. The most memorable moment in history dealing with Andrew Burr is the duel between him, and Alexander Hamilton. This duel was caused due to some words said between the two people. Because of this, Alexander Hamilton ended up mortally wounded, and died. This is possibly the most memorable duel in U.S.

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