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Anti Essays Type in your essay topic: ex. Vietnam War Join Login Custom Essays Help Contact Egyptian Revolution Essay Not looking for an essay on Egyptian Revolution? Find other free essays using the search box above. Use our term papers, book reports, and research paper examples to kickstart your essay writing! Sponsored Essays by French Revolution Egypt. Although he defeated Egypt's army, he had to pay for his victory. At sea, the Egyptian Navy, led by Horatio Nelson, destroyed the French fleet at the Nile Mexican Revolution an extremely successful Mexican revolutionary leader, he had won battle after battle in the revolution and made monumental contribution in political, social economic Analyse The Causes Of The Cultural Revolution threat to his life?s work and believed the best solution would be to ?mobilise the people to make revolution against the party.? (Anthony Best et al, 2004:352) Mao Causes Mexican Revolution in Mexico. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1981. Knight, Alan, The Mexican Revolution. 2 vols., Cambridge: Cam?bridge University Press, 1986. Tutino, John Home Page » English Egyptian Revolution Submitted by ahmadmohd on March 20, 2011 Category: English Words: 645 | Pages: 3 Views: 5119 Report this Essay The 2011 Egyptian revolution (Arabic: ثورة ٢٥ يناير‎ thawret 25 yanāyir, Revolution of 25 January) took place following a popular uprising that began on 25 January 2011. The uprising, in which the participants placed emphasis on the peaceful nature of the struggle, mainly comprised a campaign of civil resistance, which featured a series of demonstrations, marches, acts of civil disobedience, and labor strikes. Millions of protesters from a variety of socio-economic and religious

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