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1 Word: EXIGENT (adj) Meaning pressing Root of the word - Synonyms critical, crucial, vital Antonyms trivial, unimportant Usage Terrorism is an exigent international problem which needs to be tackled expeditiously. 2. EXIGUOUS-Meaning very small Root of the word - Synonyms meagre, inadequate, scanty, paltry, miserly Antonyms ample, generous Usage His exiguous income was barely sufficient to make ends meet. 3. Word: IMPECCABLE (adj) Meaning without faults or mistakes Root of the word - Synonyms flawless, faultless, unblemished, spotless, stainless Antonyms imperfect, sinful Usage His impeccable character was worthy of emulation. f5f7487dcd15b0d93c426dc1d0786cb0 Shubham Karothi Kalyanam, Aarogyam, Dhana Sampadam, Budhi Vruddhi Shatru Vinasaya Deepa Jyothi Namo Nama Registration No : 1410004196328 Your Date of Birth : 3/8/1987 The Central Police Assistant Commandant Entrance test is one of the national level Civil service test conducted in the country. The Union Public Service Commission carry outs the CPF AC exam for filling the assistant commandant vacancies in the different central departments like Central Police Force, Central Industrial Security Force, Border Security Force, Sashastra Seema Bal etc. Only the qualified candidates of the CPF AC exam are considered for filling up the vacancies in these departments. The status associated with the profile and the quality job attracts many Indian youth to take up the exam. Structure of CPF AC Test The CPF AC exam consists of two papers with objective and descriptive in nature. The duration of both papers is 120 minutes and they are, Part 1 General Ability and Intelligence: 125 questions( Include areas of GS, GK, Arithmetic, Geography etc.) Paper II Essay Writing and Comprehension: 30 questions The medium of

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