Revolution of 1848 Essay

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The Revolutions of 1848 came to be because of political and economic revolts that took place in Europe due to a recession and abuse of political power. There were several people involved in the revolts included several groups; the Italians, the Germans, and others. Although changes were made throughout Europe, the original, oppressive government took control back soon after, undoing the work of the revolutionaries. And even though these changes didn't last long, the revolutions did prove to those observing these events; including the governments and revolutionaries, which the people could indeed undermine the government to bring about reform and create the policies of socialism and liberalism. The year 1848 for all of Europe was a tedious one, with revolutions breaking out in almost every country. Through a chain of accidental circumstances, reform was being brought to the current governments because of three major reasons: the emergence of liberal political activity, the spread of nationalist programs, and economic crisis. One of the first countries in which revolutionary fighting broke out was France. The uprisings in France and Austria are very similar. They both happened in 1848 and they were both relatively close to each other. When I looked deeper into the revolutions I found that the only element of the revolution that was really even remotely similar were there reasons behind them. They wanted certain things and started getting angry when it didn’t happen. The participants vary from Revolutionaries to Reactionaries and from Republicans to Conservatives. France wanted reforms as well as a new government system. Austria, whose revolts were influenced by France’s riots, also wanted reforms and a new government system. Their goals consist of socialism, universal male suffrage and just simply becoming unified. With the two uprisings having the most
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