Revolution and Women's Rights-Marie Gouze

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History Paper Revolution and Women’s rights Marie Gouze, also known as Olympe de Gouges, was a female civil rights activist who fought for women’s rights by arguing that both men and women are created equal. In the book, Declaration of the Rights of Women, De Gouges states in section I that “Women is born free and lives equal to man to man in her rights.” Meaning that she believes God created us to be equal, no matter the gender or race. She explains how men are “tyrannical” for she believes the American constitution is not an actual constitution without the “guarantee of rights and separation of powers [for women]” as said in section XV. The men, however, created the constitution saying that “people are created equal,” but it was only directed towards men, white men to be exact. This also brings problems not only to women, but also to the African American slaves living in the south as they are being restricted to rights too. There were also other problems that De Gouge thought to have been caused because of women’s limited rights. She believed that “ignorance, omission, or scorn for the rights of women are the only causes of public misfortunes and of the corruption of governments” meaning that the reason men go to war and the government is corrupted is because women do not have equal rights. They don’t have the power to have a say in what men argue. Therefore De Gouge believes that by giving women rights, it will bring balance to

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