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Revlon for Men? Ubersexuals and the Changing male Landscape Kristie Hunter MKT 510 – Consumer Behavior February 15, 2013 Revlon for Men: Ubersexuals and the Changing Male Landscape Revlon has been a popular cosmetic line for women since 1932. However, like most companies, they have decided to diversify. This diversification involved reaching out to the male consumer. Dove is an excellent example of a company that successfully reached out to the male consumer with their “Dove for Men” line of skin care products. The men targeted by Revlon are what are referred to as “ubersexuals”. According to urban dictionaries and social media, an ubersexual is a male who is similar to a metrosexual but exhibits the traditional manly traits such as confidence and strength. This means Revlon has to develop a marketing strategy that appeals to and compliments masculinity. To be successful, a marketing, branding, and social strategy must be planned. Revlon is heavily associated with cosmetic products for women, so the whole idea of Revlon must become ambiguous. The perception of males who care about skincare must also be promoted as a positive ideal, and marketers must evoke a need for skincare for men. Marketing Strategy for Revlon’s Entrance into the Men’s Cosmetics Market The marketing strategy should utilize dimensions of brand personality, including ruggedness, sophistication, and sincerity to appeal to male consumers. It should be amplified that skincare is not just for women, and that males have a responsibility to their skincare and appearance too. The use of Revlon by ubersexuals or men in general in conjunction with the changing male landscape can easily be justified in several ways. One way is through the need for “ego defense”. Taking advantage of latent motives such as trendiness and sophistication may be a feasible marketing strategy for the

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