Revision Strategy 1: The Motive Statement

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Revision Strategies Strategy 1: The Motive Statement My Primary motive in writing this paper is to explore and reflect about the history of my literacy and who was involved in it. Strategy 2: What Do you want to know About What You Learned? Step2.What Do I understand about this topic now that I didn’t understand before I started writing about it? I realize now that I didn’t before I started writing this was that how of a big impact my father had in my history of literacy. Step3. 1. What were my influences in reading and writing? 2. My Dad or mom? 3. Should I start with my childhood or almost adulthood? 4. Should I mention my struggles or not? 5. Is the reason I chose my father is because he’s my role model and I want to be just like him? Step4. I chose #1 in step 3. The influences in my life were my parents. But I look up to my dad more. My dad never gave up on me. He wanted me to have the best education. Went to three different schools…show more content…
Scene: Meridian and School Situations: Did well in ready and writing, switched schools, lost confidence, hard trouble with writing for the first time in my life, Turning Point: Got a tutor, and started doing better at writing Step3. Switching Schools Step4. Switch school to Calvary did not learn anything, switch school to West Lauderdale, loose confidence, get tutor. Get confidence and better at writing Step5. Wish I didn’t go to Russell or Calvary. Wish I would of gone straight to west Lauderdale. Waste of education from the school. I’m glad my parents put me in West Lauderdale. I don’t know where I would me if I would of stayed at that school. I’m lucky to have the dad that I do so he was able to get me a tutor to help. I probably would of failed if I didn’t. Crazy that I never learned to analyze a story or not write a paper every week. Step6. In the next draft I may need to focus more on my 11th and 12th grade

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