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“Cat in the rain” is a famous short story written by Ernest Hemingway in 1925. It is an illustration of Hemingway’s style following “theory of an iceberg”. In this story, the writer used the metaphor – lonely cat standing under the rain to convey to the readers that the relationship of the American couple is in crisis and isolation. They are unhappy couple. The title of the short story does not give us a specific picture the story refers to at first because in fact the content of the story is not about a cat and rain. However, the image “rain” implies coldness, dreariness. Normally as we know, in Hemingway’s works “rain” is served as a potent symbol of the inevitable disintegration of happiness in life. Especially in the context of rain, there is a cat, which seems lonely. Thus, the title half- opens the readers sadness, loneliness. Opening the tale, the writer spent a space to describe the Italian hotel where the American couple spent their holiday. It seems a romantic vacation. At the beginning of the story, the scenery is so splendid. Their room was on the second floor facing the sea, also public garden. There were palm trees as well. However, it was a vacation in the rain, bad weather. Rain is repeated once again creating a dreary atmosphere. Furthermore, war monument in the rain, the sea breaking in the regular waves, the gone motor-cars and no one at the square let us understand a crisis, loneliness here. Partly we guess an abnormality was happening in the vacation of the couple or in their relationship. Following the next paragraphs, the readers understand more about two Americans- a wife and a husband. We can realize that the cat is a topic to be spoken about during their conservation although they were a couple on vacation. The simplicity the wife wanted to do was to protect a cat from the raindrops when she saw it trying to make itself compact. That

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