Review Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher Will Be in Terms of Teaching/Training Cycle

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Andrew Mainoo Title: Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher will be in terms of teaching/training cycle To be able to review my own role and responsibility as a teacher in identifying my students needs, I must have knowledge about the teaching learning cycle. This cycle consist of identifying needs , planning and learning, assessing learning, facilitating learning, quality assurance and evaluation. In my case I will be teaching adults which is termed as andragogy. The advantage of teaching adults is that most of them have lots of skills and previous educational experiences. Therefore they have a clear goal of learning and are very independent. My role as a teacher therefore is to be able to help my students develop the right strategies to be successful in life. However as a teacher I should be able to take advantage of any learning situations and tools that are available. Teaching should be done based on enquiry learning, meeting the learners needs and I should be able to differentiate instructions. It is the teachers responsibility to write syllabus for a course, making sure that all the learning outcomes, aims and objectives are covered in the right way. Another important role is to be able to assess and ascertain my students current skills and knowledge. During the assessment period I should be able to identify learning styles, plan and facilitate learning, making sure of what is to be taught and when. During the preparation of their learning resources, it is important that the right guidance and advice is given and the teacher must maintain his or her confidence at all times. Given the right programme, it is important for all teachers to follow the organisations policies and procedures. Effective communication is key in teaching. Above all, there should be a set of ground rules. A teacher will have to be skilled enough in
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