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2British Literature: Sources and Developments Instructor: Pu Lixin, Spring term, 2013 Course Objectives: This course is meant to provide above all an experience in the reading and analysis of various texts, mainly those of so-called “classic”, from British literature. It is actually designed to help the students to establish the concept of what literature is in addition to that of literature criticism. The readings, lectures, and discussions are aimed to help them develop their ability to appreciate British literature masters such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Lawrence. Course Schedule &Readings Lecture 1: Issues in Question:What’s Literature? Lecture 2: Geoffrey Chaucer:The Canterbury Tales Lecture 3: William Shakespeare:Hamlet Lecture 4: John Donne:A Valediction Forbidding Mourning Lecture 5: Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare/ Death Not be Proud by John Donne Lecture 6 John Milton:Paradise Lost Lecture 7 Daniel Defoe:Robinson Crusoe Lecture 8 Romanticism Poetry William Wordsworth:I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud Lecture 9 Percy Bysshe Shelley:Ode to the West Wind Lecture 10 John Keats:Ode on a Grecian Urn Lecture 11 Women Writers/ Jane Austen:Pride and Prejudice Lecture 12 Charles Dickens:Great Expectations Lecture 13 Thomas Hardy:Tess Lecture 14 D. H. Lawrence:The Rocking-Horse Winner Lecture 15 Doris Lessing:A Woman on a Roof Requirements: Course requirements include attendance at lectures, lengthy reading assignments, contribution to the class discussion and 1) one oral report 2) one paper due the last Lecture in the term Note: This plan is subject to any possible change. Lecture I: What is literature? … if the tragic poet is an imitator, he too is thrice removed from the king and from the truth; and so are all other imitators. … the imitator is a long way off the truth, and can reproduce all things because he

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