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REVIEW : VOCABULARY 1. INTRODUCTION Author : Randy Permana Title : VOCABULARY Date of Publish : 15th May 2009 The Purpose : * To know what is it definition of vocabulary * To know how the influence of Vocabulary mastery to reading comprehension * To know why it is important to understand the vocabulary Reviewer : Aditya Chandra Prasetia 2. Brief Summary Chapter one concern with introduction, which consist of background of the study which explained the reason of the author written this paper, limitation of problems that limited only focuses on the definition, influence, and the important of vocabulary, objective of the study. Chapter two states the discussion that explained about the definition of vocabulary itself, influence of vocabulary mastery to reading comprehension, and the importance of vocabulary learning. Chapter three contains conclusion that the result of the research has concluded by the author. 3. Critical Assesment a. I agree with the author’s arguments that stated vocabulary has important role in english learning because without vocabulary the students cannot understand the meaning of the words and sentences. The vocabulary also related to reading comprehension because in reading comprehension vocabulary needed to understand the passage which the students has read. b. In my opinion, the author stated explicitly the definition of vocabulary, the relation among vocabulary and reading comprehension, and the importance of vocabulary learning. c. Unfortunately, the author did not write any references to support his arguments. 4. Conclusion In my opinion, the preparation of this paper has been orderly and well-structured and intentions of the author can be clearly exposed. This paper well organized and suitable to read for all ages,

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