Review Of Upton Sinclair's Novel 'The Jungle'

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English 101 September 11, 2011 Underlying Issues In the last century or so, a particular interest has been placed on the conditions in which food is handled, processed, cooked, and developed in the United States. The first man to speak on this topic was Upton Sinclair in his novel The Jungle, where he exposed the meat-packing industry and their disgusting ways. The sanitation in the 1900’s was horrible which is why Upton Sinclair was assigned to infiltrate a meat packing factory and get the true story of what really went on. Today, restaurants are given ratings which help customers decide if they want to eat from said establishment. The health epidemic was as real back then as it is today and people like Bryan Walsh are speaking out. In…show more content…
Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) take large amounts of animals, fatten them up, and slaughter them as fast as they possibly can, so they can keep the prices low. These (CAFOs) are inhumane areas where animals are confined to quarters where they can barely move. Living in such close quarters also makes it easier for these animals to become sick which sometimes leads to recalls. In 2009 there was an outbreak of salmonella from tainted peanuts which killed at least eight people and sickened 600. “To stay alive and grow in such conditions, farm animals need pharmaceutical help, which can have further damaging consequences for humans.”(34) An astounding 70% of antimicrobial drugs used in America are given to animals not humans. A scary fact mainly because the food we eat is sicker than we are. Some Americans are heeding the warnings warranted by documentaries like Food Inc. and investigative journalist like Sinclair who are willing to proved evidence that the rumors are real. First Lady Michelle Obama is another proprietor who is down for the cause. She has a garden which has yielded more than 225 lb. of organic produce, she is leading by example. The work that conventional farmers are doing is bankrupting the earth “The way we farm now is destructive of the soil, the environment, and us.”(32) This testimonial by Doug Gurian- Sherman states concisely that we are causing ourselves harm. The (CAFOs) selfish, greedy practices may be one of the key reasons why America’s obesity rate is so high. They are driving organic farmers out of business by charging less for their pesticide infested

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