Review of the Article “Women and the American Revolution” by Wendy Martin

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Review of the Article “Women and the American Revolution” by Wendy Martin The article “Women and the American Revolution” by Wendy Martin demonstrates the changes in lives and thoughts of American women, their development and challenges that they were facing during one of the most difficult times in the American history. Women were going through a lot of emotional, social and even physical changes, considering they had to learn how to take care of the farms, factories and other businesses of their husbands. Although some women became camp followers and participated in military actions disguised as men, as Deborah Sampson, the majority of ladies stayed home, but it doesn’t mean that their part was easier. Their responsibilities increased drastically but unfortunately not a lot of men noticed it and gave them credit. Alongside with running a household, women had to deal with grief caused by the loss of the loved ones, deathly epidemics, inflated prices and British pogroms. At the same time they had to present themselves as ideal creatures, delicate and modest, that their husbands fought for and were inspired by. In this case, women had to suffer “privately” without the permission to express themselves openly, especially in front of males. The author describes and proves this “whole transaction”, as she puts it, with the help of some preserved records like letters, diaries, newspaper articles and advertisements, poems, novels and historical facts. Throughout the whole article she gives us examples and direct citations from the few published works and private documents of Rebecca Frank, Anne Eliza Bleecker, Hannah Winthrop, Susanna Rowson and other women to support her main idea. She also analyses their literary works and letters to help readers understand that ordeal they were going through. It definitely helps us to visualize their experience, feel their pain and
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