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Review of Paranormal Activity 4 The return of directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman promised good things, everyone was excited about the premier of paranormal activity 4 and a big commotion was made as fans waited in anticipation for the film to be released. They directed the surprisingly effective Paranormal Activity 3 but something had gone terribly wrong with 4, and Joost and Schulman display none of the cinematic energy that made the last film such a ‘must see film’. Gone are the effective scares and spooky set pieces. The film is formless and aimless, stumbling from minor scare to minor scare before blowing it all out in a deeply uninteresting finale. The new film takes place in the 'present' and is set around a rich family’s daughter. A woman and her son move in across the street; when the woman suddenly goes to the hospital in the middle of the night, the son stays with the family and some somewhat interesting paranormal business begins to happen. I admire the idea that the series is trying to fill; this film is attempting to undertake the Creepy Kid genre, but it fails. Robbie, (the little boy across the street) is only weird because everybody keeps saying he’s weird. He actually seems like quite a friendly and adorable child. The main girl (Alex) has a boyfriend named Ben who is oddly creepier and more awful than Robbie himself, but is supposed to be a character that the audience is supposed to like. When Katie shows up it’s supposed to be a big moment, but as expected from the slow and uninteresting beginning of the film it was a big disappointment. The film just struggles along; the Robbie storyline does offer the occasional chills and momentum. Even knowing that Robbie is some kind of trouble, it feels like Alex is overreacting to him throughout the movie making it seem acted. People eventually get dragged and killed by ghosts but the directors

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