Review Of Langston Hughes 'Salvation'

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Peer Pressure A child makes decisions according to their peers even though that the decisions being made is not necessarily the right one. In Langston Hughes “Salvation” Hughes felt the pressure of the church and other children and decided to act like he was saved. I would have done what Hughes did because I would have also felt pressured. There has been many times when I was a child where I felt the pressure to fit in. For example when I was 13 and went out for Halloween and decided to eat candy when I wasn’t supposed to because I’m diabetic. When I was 17 and decided to drink large amounts of alcohol because my friends were doing it and when I was in high school and decided to skip school because all the kids were doing it. When I was 13 I wanted to go out with my friends on Halloween and my mom decided to let me go. All my friends were having a good time including myself but there was one thing they were doing that I was…show more content…
We all went out to eat, hung out and it ended up being such a boring day outside of school. The next day none of us got into any trouble it was like no one even noticed. But the consequence that I suffered was that one class had an exam that I couldn’t make up and none of my other classes excepted any of my homework so I had to take all zeros for my work. Many kids feel pressure from their peers and make stupid decisions instead of being a leader and not a follower. In “Salvation” Hughes saw that nothing happened to the other boy and decided to follow him and ended up feeling extremely guilty because he really didn’t see Jesus. In my past experiences I have made many decisions from feeling the pressure from my peers. I ended up regretting it and feeling guilty because the outcome didn’t turn out to be a good one. That is why instead of looking at what others do, do what you feel is right and what makes you
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