Review of “Hong Kong Must Invest in Its People or Fall Behind.”

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The chief executive pledged to issue 100 scholarships for the elite Hong Kong students to study overseas, and an additional 1000 funded places is provided to sub-degree students for entering undergraduate programmes, mentioned in his recent policy address. Jarvis, in the article, “…..” does not support thie sub-degree pragramme funding and he urged the government to invest heavily in the higher education sector.. Although the author has some good points, his article is biased and lack evidence to support his reasoning of increasing investment on education. Summary In the article, the author argues that Hong Kong is declining in terms of her importance over the globe and China due to the insufficient investment in education and stagnant economy. He claims that Hong Kong is destined to fall behind other places such as mainland China and South Korea, if there is no heavy investment allocated into education. Evaluation The article posed several good points on the issue of Hong Kong’s relative decline …..and the necessity to invest in education. However, the lack of evidence and the misuse of data are the two major pitfalls of the article. For the lack of evidence, Jarvis claims that Hong Kong universities are less professional as they are “with less impressive information and communications technology, facilities and research funding” and believes that this will “make it more difficult to compete for international talent” (paragraph 11). Yet, there is no related evidence to support the above claim. Other examples such as “so many states are accelerating their investment in education in an attempt to secure their future” and “most policymakers already know this” (paragraph 6) also shows the lack of evidence with no details provided. Regarding the misuse of data, Jarvis stated that Hong Kong’s funding of the education sector is transcended by mainland

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