Review of Chronicle of a Death Foretold

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Supervised Writing on Chronicle Of a Death Foretold Discus how religion, tradition and Custom contribute to the development of any aspect of the story - character, themes and plot. Gabriel Marquez utilises the factor of religion and tradition as well as the supernatural within the book. There religion is used to symbolise certain events within the book ,the supernatural questions fate in turn and the tradition and custom of the people bring to light the resins why certain event take place within the book. Relating to religion , in my opinion. Gabriel Marquez used it to place motif in the book. Arabs rate muslims and muslims have many beliefs including one of the most confusing. They find pigs unclean , a form of impurity. Now if you notice in the planning of the wedding between Bayardo and Angela they resorted in using a pigsty for their ceremony . “they'd thought about Plácida Linero's house, but luckily my parents stubbornly held to the old song that our daughters would be married in our pigpen or they wouldn't be married at all.”. Now with their beliefs you would think that they wouldn't dare have the ceremony in the pig pen. But they did and i you realise this acts as a form of symbolism towards their wedding. The fact that their marriage didn't last a day shows that their wedding was something of impurity and that relates to the fact that it wasn't a marriage of love it was that of an arrangement. In this case , the concept of religion brings about a form of foreshadowing. There was also a bit of irony as the knives that were used to kill Santiago were pig knives and you would think that its quite ironic how it was the murder weapon but, in my opinion , it symbolises the vicario brothers intent. “But she noticed that the twins were carrying two butcher knives wrapped in kitchen rags.” The vicario brother’s sister was defiled meaning that she has

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