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Review of Into Africa Martin Dugard’s Into Africa is an in depths look into the adventures of Stanley and Livingstone. Written in an alternating chapter format, Dugard begins his novel while Livingstone was already on one of his many trips to Africa. After returning to England he was sent by the RGS to find the source of the Nile previously sought out by failed and controversial mission of Burton and Speke. Under the direction of Livingstone’s close friend Sir Roderick Murchison Livingstone sought after something that had been a mystery as far back as the times of Ptolemy. While on his conquest battling sickness, malnutrition thievery, and the elements, Livingstone disappeared. Not soon after rumors began to circulate across the Atlantic on his whereabouts. Even though there were plenty of other events taking place in the world, society was preoccupied with the whereabouts of Dr. David Livingstone. Encompassed in the popularity of the Scottish explorer’s location was Henry Morton Stanley. A starving journalist looking for a way to leave his mark on society, wanted the challenge of locating the lost traveler. Stanley was originally born John Rowlands in the Welsh village of Denbigh. Being orphaned as a child by his prostitute mother, he always dreamed of prestige no matter how he had to obtain it. After boarding a ship filled with lies and perversion, Rowlands found himself in New Orleans under the wing of a wealthy man by the name of Henry Hope Stanley where he adopted his name. After this time he found himself on the front lines with the Confederates where he became a POW, which wasn’t the only time in his life. After landing a job writing for a Missouri newspaper, Stanley figured that the key to his success would be for him to go personally to find the lost Doctor. Having previously created a name for himself through his writing Stanley went to

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