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Two weeks in India taught Colorado State University student Katie Lucchesi that an idea developed in the U.S. might need some tweaking to make it useful to poverty-stricken Indians. Lucchesi, 22, is one of six CSU engineering and business students who developed an innovative cook stove - and a plan to market it in the Third World. "You have to decide whether ideas that we think are legitimate over here will work over there," she said. "There are modifications that we need to make to the stove to make them appeal to the people over there. Their pots are rounded, while ours are flat, so a hole in the stove top would be very beneficial to them." Lucchesi took part in what has become a prototype for a program that CSU's College of Business will launch in August. The 18-month master of science in business administration program will teach students to use entrepreneurial approaches to address poverty, environmental degradation and other problems in developing nations. Also, it will train students in what it takes to tap into a huge underserved market, said Paul Hudnut, acting director of the new Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise degree program. Students who want to succeed in business need hands-on global experience in today's economy, said Ajay Menon, dean of the CSU College of Business. The new program will provide that experience in a socially responsible way that gives students an idea of how to do well by doing good. "There is nothing better than hands-on global orientation, no matter how well we teach," Menon
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