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Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles, home of the “Midnight Train,” is the restaurant I will be reviewing. The restaurant’s actual name is Gladys Knight’s and Ron Winans Chicken and Waffles and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was established by the Motown star Gladys Knight. I chose this restaurant to review because I got nothing but good from my very first visit. I expected it to be everything I heard it was; to be soulful but classy and to have wonderful service and great food. When I first heard about Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles, I was riding in the car listening to one of Ludacris’ rap songs. I thought to myself, who would want breakfast and dinner at the same time? Upon my visit, I discovered it was more to the menu than just “southern hospitality”. The chicken and waffle meal, also known as “The Midnight Train” is the restaurant’s signature dish. Once I stepped foot into this establishment I could feel the warmth of family. The building was very classy. I got a “jazz-soul” type of vibe. There were pictures of employees together with famous celebrities all over the place. You could tell the restaurant was classy because there was a sign posted stating there was to be no headgear worn, no sagging pants, and appropriate wear for females. While we ate, we were able to watch television. Something that I thought was neat was the promoting of Gladys Knight on Dancing with the Stars at the bottom of each television. The hostess was very friendly, even with several unruly customers. For example, one set of customers did not like the wait time and demanded to be moved up the list. Once they were told they could not be moved up the list, they began loud talking and demanding for management. The hostess remained calm throughout the altercation and surprisingly did not talk bad about them once they left. My party and I were seated and we were

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