Review: A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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A Child Called “It” Throughout the book “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer, we come to learn, the main character, David suffers from child abuse. He receives this abuse from his mother. An emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother who hates him. She plays torturous, unpredictable games that left him nearly dead. Not only that, but she also physically & mentally abuses him. David suffers from physical abuse due to the fact that his mom beats him, doesn’t provide him with food & has him wear the same clothing week after week. She is constantly hitting David for being a “bad boy” or for no reason at all. Mother would smash his head…show more content…
She acted as if nothing had happened & the next day took David to the hospital, trying to convince the doctor he has fallen off the top bunk of the bed. David declared, “But my fear kept the accident our secret. I knew if I ever told anyone, the next “accident” would be worse.” Once, David was dropped off at his Aunt Josie’s house & tried to escape. Mother found out about this & she smacked, punched, & kicked him until he crumpled to the floor. She also crammed a bar of soap down his throat & to think David attempted to escape his aunt’s house, because he actually missed her. Mother only feeds David breakfast, when he finished all of his morning chores. His reward was cereal leftovers from his brothers. “I finish the dishes, then my other chores. For my reward I receive breakfast-leftovers from one of my brother’s cereal bowls. By dinner, Mother would “forget” to feed him. Poor David, had no other choice but to fantasize about food. Soon after this, he started stealing food at school. He would steal lunches from his classmates in

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