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Personal Fitness Final Exam Review 1. Complete all assignments BEFORE taking the final exam. 2. Contact your instructor for the last DBA and the password for the exam. 3. Consider taking part in a final exam review session. Live lesson information available on your announcement page. 4. Takes about 2 hours to complete. You do not have a time limit as long as you are actively working on exam questions. 5. Password works only once so you must complete the exam in one session. Once you start the exam, you CANNOT leave it to look in the course or in your files. You will be locked out of the exam. 6. Preferred browser for the exam is Firefox or Google Chrome. This is a free download. If you have trouble with Internet Explorer while taking the exam, consider downloading Firefox. Be sure you are plugged in to an electric source and are on a reliable internet connection. 7. Open book test. Prepare your notes ahead of time. Have your assignments available, you will refer to them as well. 8. Final exam is worth 20%. FLVS policy is you must pass the final in order to pass the course, so do your best as usual. 9. 63 multiple choice questions (5 points each) and 4 essay questions. Essays are worth almost half of the exam points. Module 1 1.02 Wellville City Limits *Exploring safety precautions of working out *Differentiation between heat related illnesses 1.04 How Fit Are You? *Recognize how to set realistic goals *Evaluate the baseline fitness test 1.05 Training Principle *What are the FIT principles? *Connect the FIT principles to flexibility/Stretching workouts *Review the Principles of Overload, Progression and Specificity 1.06 Bend and Stretch *Explore the following: Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments and Joints *Consider the benefits of Flexibility *Explain the four different types of stretching 1.07 Stretching Safely

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