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Battle of the Bands Review Tune up the guitars and crank up the amps, Battle of the Bands is here once again! On October 28, 2011, A.Y. Jackson S.S. hosted another successful BOTB event. The crowds cheered for each of the nineteen bands that stepped up to the stage to perform riveting songs. Even with a few hiccups here and there, every band did a spectacular job on this booming night. Three bands in particular were very fascinating for their song choices. The first band was Laugh Out Loud. The song they performed was All Star by Smashmouth. This band played one of my favourite songs of all time. What was good about this band was that their singer, Jill Wang, had a lot more timbre in her voice compared to some of the other bands. Her voice was much louder and more clear. This allowed the audience to hear the lyrics much better and more clearly. However, she sang the song a bit off key compared with the actual song. The melody of the song played by the guitarist Sam Hsueh, was pulled off marvellously. It’s a very catchy melody and the accompanying harmony adds a more consonance to the song. The rhythm is very consistent and even throughout the song. Overall, it’s a great performance early on in the show. The next band that I want to discuss about is Charged by Induction. They performed the song Holiday by Green Day. Green Day is one of my favourite bands so I applaud CBI for performing one of their songs. What made me love their performance was that they didn’t just play the song and sing all the lyrics, they played extended solos and altered the lyrics. The specific lyric change I’m talking about is during the vocal solo. Instead of “The representative of California has arrived”, they sang, “The representative of A.Y. Jackson has arrived.” That one change caught everyone’s attention and I’m pretty sure fellow Green Day fans laughed a bit. The whole band sang

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