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Literature Review Job analysis is of great importance because it aids Human Resources Managers understand the different needs and set of skills for different jobs, and find the most qualified capable individuals for a given job. Individuals have different aptitudes for work, and different abilities, different jobs required different sets of skills in order to be well performed, and when Human Resources Managers understand this they are able to place people in the jobs that suit them the best they are able to achieve higher performance standards. Moreover job analysis helps HRM professionals fill gaps is some departments in order to improve workflow. The article Overview Of The Occupational Information Network talks about the importance of the Occupational Information Network and its different applications for businesses, labor agencies, for people who are looking for jobs and for some education organizations. The O*NT is a large database system that contains, organizes, describes and disseminates information pertaining to worker attributes which can be accessed by the public at no cost and is widely accessed by employers, career centers, schools , public agencies and more. The primary users of the O*NT information are industrial and labor relations practitioners, students who want career training, government program managers, job seekers, vocational schools, and employers trying to set salary scales. Moreover, the article also talks about the main benefits and how HR specialists use O*NT to help identify job requirements, develop performance appraisal, write job descriptions, training requirements establish pay grades, help employees with career development, and to match jobs across the organization. The article Linking O*Net Descriptors to Occupational Literacy Requirements Using Job Component Validation is about a study that was made to demonstrate

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