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Reverse Discrimination Essay

  • Submitted by: kpuppy0001
  • on November 9, 2014
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Sean M. Kelly
Prof Stephen Wilke
Due: 1 Dec 2013

Table of Contents
Title 1

Table of Contents 2

Introduction 3

Discrimination 3

Reverse Discrimination 5

Conclusion 8

References 9

Reverse Discrimination

Sean M Kelly
CIS Department
Park University


1. Introduction

Of all the issues that are redefining the American culture, the concept of “reverse discrimination is perhaps the most ubiquitous. For many who have traditionally ben victim to discrimination, it is a hard concept to grasp. In order to arrive a logical understanding of the issue we will begin by taking a look at what discrimination is; how we got to the point where changes in society brought about significant changes that shifted the dynamics of American culture, and the impact reverse discrimination on self-images in the nation’s psyche.

2. Discrimination

[1]In Constitutional Law, the grant by statute of particular privileges to a class arbitrarily designated from a sizable number of persons, where no reasonable distinction exists between the favored and disfavored classes. Federal laws, supplemented by court decisions, prohibit discrimination in such areas as employment, housing, voting rights, education, and access to public facilities.

In order for discrimination to exist, one thing above all others must be present, power. The power to discriminate can come from many sources; the power of the majority, the power of position, or the power of physical force. For generations the power of the white majority held sway and for those who were different, such as being [2]“conceptualized by race, ethnic and linguistic as minorities or “outsiders” discrimination was not only a reality, it was a way of life.

Until recently “White America” was the unchallenged majority and until the civil rights era,...

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