Reverend Hale Essay

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Shield of love Throughout time many powerful people who have been very successful have come across their greatest downfall which is the passionate love for another person. In some cases the person who is loved does not love the other but instead uses him/ her to obtain things that they want. In other times they are both madly in love but they know that things will not work out. In the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald both of these love situations were represented by two relationships between, jay Gatsby and daisy Buchannan, nick caraway and Jordan baker. In the story love acts as a shield and blocks the view on reality, the only thing visible by a person who is madly in love is only their love. In this novel there are many relationships between people with completely different personalities. Specifically on of these relationships is the one between jay Gatsby and daisy Buchannan was the main view of the book. The two people that were involved with each other had complete opposite personalities, one of them was very devoted where the other was just trying to have the best life possible. Gatsby was a man who was completely loyal to his prior love, where he had to leave for war, leaving his one love behind. Gatsby never lost sight on daisy, but yet she married someone with money, so Gatsby thought that he needed to become rich so daisy would love him again. When Gatsby finally saw daisy again he couldn’t see past the fact that she was already gone and that she wouldn’t come back. His love for daisy was too strong to realize that his dream won’t come true because he can’t see how others feel; he just sees what he wants to see. The girl he wants, daisy, has the ability to see what is really happening in the story. Daisy once was a deep lover, she and Gatsby at one time had been close to marriage but as you know Gatsby left and she lost feelings and
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