Reverand Hale Essay

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Characteristic of Hale In the book “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, there is a very creepy and interesting old man. The story is about a village that are all puritans and some teen age girls start blaming each other of witch craft to avoid a death sentence or to get out of trouble. The man happens to not be part of the village but a vaster just passing by, who in my mind over stayed his visit. Hale is an old preacher who has been searching for proof of witches and finds a village that is said to be filled with them. “Nearing forty, tight skinned, and eager eyed,” So just imagine a man that is really old with bulging eyes looking for witches. Now that brings a new type of scary! If you think about it, he is the only one in the story that looks the part of a witch. He is a man that wants only one thing god faith and the proof of witches. Hale has believed in witches but has never actually seen them with his bare eye. “He worried about that he could find the witch.” Then he finds a village that is said to be practically filled with them, by some ridiculously stupid girls. He wants the words of the girls to be true, which in the end, clouds his judgment from making the rightful decision. In the end of the book Procter confesses that the girls are lying and it all makes sense but Hale does not believe him “The power of the dark are gathered in monstrous attack upon this village…” He believes what he says but not by proof, but by the spread of words, and a lot of rumors. He only says it because it is what he wants to believe not what he should believe. He wants to believe that witches are alive and roaming around us. He believed that the people that were blamed of witch craft were indeed witches and were rightfully killed. Hale is a real victim of selfishness and greed. He does not care about the people or the good will of the town. He just cares

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