Revenge Or Reintegration Analysis

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The issue raised here is about how the laws in Australia are to kind to people that commit crimes, such as murder. These murders are getting out of jail to easy and spending less time in it. There are different views on this topic though some say these people need rehabilitation instead of jail time. These are letters to the editor; they are what the normal people like us think about the issue. These editorials are aimed at the wider adult group. “Revenge or reintegration” is a letter to the editor, it was written on Wednesday, august 18th 2010 at the age. The letter argues that murderers should not be jailed but taken to rehabilitation. this piece targets the adult audience. The tone of this letter is serious; and uses some fearsome rhetorical questions to scare the audience. He mentions an opinion of an expert, that murderers have the highest rate of re-joining society. This makes the readers feel as if this person righting the piece know what he/she knows what they are talking about. “Keep knight behind bars” was an editorial piece on Wednesday by the herald sun on august 4th 2010. Its main argument is that a killer “Julian knight” who had murdered seven people should not be released in 2014. The target audience are adults It tries to explain…show more content…
This editorial piece argues that Frank Babic a double murderer could be released from jail after just 28 years. The targeted audience is to all adults it explains how people like him they should not be released to the streets. The tone of this piece is angry, disgusted and disappointed in the fact that the judge would only give 28 years to the a murder like this. The writer complains how an safe it would be if murderers are released from jail to easily. This affect the community and makes them feel scared and unsafe by the fact that this people are being released from jail, and if they are released what is stopping them from doing it
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