Revenge in Macbeth, about Malcolm

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One of the revengers is Malcolm. His role was that he was supposed to inherit the throne from King Duncan, by being his son and named Prince of Cumberland, confirming his next in line status of the throne. After this announcement Macbeth decided he had to get past this to gain the throne. After he killed Duncan, Malcolm and Donalbain(Duncan’s sons) both left Scotland out of fear for their own lives. When they left the one next in line for the throne was Macbeth. When arriving in England, Malcolm seeking the help of Siward the English King went to the English Court. After talking with Siward and discussing the plan for overthrowing Macbeth he meets with Macduff. And while testing Macduff, Malcolm makes himself seem like a worse tyrant than Macbeth. Macduff doesn’t go along with it saying “Fit to govern! No, not to live”. Act IV scene iii l. 102-103. Meaning that what Malcolm said about himself made him not worthy to live let alone rule a kingdom. Soon afterward Malcolm leads the fight against Macbeth, and fulfilling the prophecy of the witches. The witches showed him as a crowned child with a tree in his hand, saying “Macbeth shall never vanquished be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him.” Act IV scene 1 l. 92-94. Which meant that Macbeth had nothing to worry about until Birnam wood came to him on Dunsinane Hill. So thinking that for the woods to move was impossible Macbeth gained a false confidence. And Malcolm wanting to hide the numbers of his army decided to cut down branches of the forest and have his soldiers keep hidden behind them while on the way to the castle. Which seemed to Macbeth as if Birnam Wood was coming toward his castle. His reason for revenge was that Macbeth had killed his father King Duncan and manipulated the situation to make it seem as if he and Donalbain had done the evil

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