Symbolism In Mending Wall And Revenge Gardening

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In literature, symbolism often refers to the use of abstract concepts or may be a way to unclearly define any literal interpretation, or allow people to describe meanings of text beyond what may be literally described and etc. In “Mending Wall,” by Robert Frost, and “Revenge Gardening,” by Sue Harper, the authors used symbolism to define characters, relationships and suggest the sense of security people gain from barriers. In “Mending Wall,” a stone wall separates the narrator's property from his neighbor's which separates a friendship that could have been formed between the two neighbors. Similarly, in “Revenge Gardening,” by Sue Harper, Marion tries to do anything she could, including building a fence between the two houses to make the neighbors’ garden look unpleasant which…show more content…
The neighbor repeatedly says in the poem, “Mending Wall,” “Good fences make good neighbors” (Frost, Line 27). The neighbor believes that although two people can be friendly neighbors a barrier is needed to separate them and the wall is the barrier that protects the personal space and privacy of the individual. The neighbor’s property represents his privacy and the wall acts as a barrier against any intrusion. Similarly, in “Revenge Gardening,” Marion suggests that her neighbors need curtains to protect their personal space and privacy. Marion said to her neighbors, Colleen and Claire, “Those large picture windows of yours are so… revealing” (Harper, Page 65). This shows that Colleen and Claire needed curtains for privacy since there was not any sort of coverings or curtains to cover the windows so things are not revealing. The wall and the curtains both reflect the social barriers people build, to provide a sense of personal security and comfort by suggesting that barriers are a source of protection to their privacy or property which will make people less vulnerable to their

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