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Alvin Ailey’s: Revelations is a Gospel Performance show. Alvin Ailey was an American choreographer who founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. He was known for popularizing modern dance and brining forth the participation of African-American in the 1900s. Ailey's choreographic masterpiece Revelations is believed to be the best known and most often seen modern dance performance. In Revelations, there are seven sections that we watched in class. Each one was never the same, always something dramatically different than the prior one. Alvin Ailey’s choreography to Revelations is definitely twisted with excitement and emotion. The opening dance “The Revelations” is an ensemble. The performers were close together in a clump, center stage. They moved as one body, as one soul as one performer. The women were dressed in nude long dress, and men in nude leotard. The formation of the dance started with a triangle shape clump which was visible when they did a level change increase as it went from front to back. Few times they expanded out of the clump using the space of the stage but always returned back together as one, center stage. These performances made me picture how God is one person but many people. The act of God can come out in others not just one being. The following dance performance is a trio. “Didn’t my Lord Deliver Daniel” included one man and two women, wearing the same nude color, women in dress and men in a leotard. This piece told a story. The choreography was active and detailed upon the lyrics. When the lyric of music has a main singer behind the chorus you can see how one of the performers will accent that one solo singer while the other two performers show the chorus. The energy in this song is loud and jumpy, and that’s exactly what the dancers show, the flow of energy through every move. “Fix Me Jesus”, is a duet

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