Reusability of Codes Essay

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The development of program and coding algorithm is a representation of the ability and skill of every professional developer or programmer. A comprehensive mixture of codes generated by the programmer has an enormous impact on how well the program performs. It’s a universal practice by developers that has been use for some time in developing programs. Programmer’s ability to reuse codes relies in an essential way in developing larger programs from smaller parts, and able to identify similarities among different parts. The reuse of codes common purpose is to minimize unnecessary coding which ultimately reduces project development time and money. Developers identify and capture usable source code from one section of a program and attempt to utilize it without making a lot of changes, which is similar technique in reusing software components in object oriented programming. Reusability of code in computer science and engineering is a segment of source code that can also be used to add new functionalities, minimizing changes or no changes at all. Reusable modules and classes reduce time in testing and implementation; since reusable code has been previously tested and used; it is free of bugs and localizes code modifications. Software reusability refers to design features of a software element or collection of software elements that enhance its suitability for reuse. Data hiding commonly use in object oriented programming and different programming languages. Data hiding is considered as one of the main concepts of object oriented programming system. It involves objects such as, classified as values, data, structures, or functions, and classes such as, collection of data and methods, the computer code, and methods. Data hiding is an effective technique in programming that provides data security and less data complexity. A method to hide information

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