Returning To School Case Study

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CASE REPORT (Outline) COURSE (COUN 5790) Fall, 2012 Mr. Chambers Name of Client: Valinda Roberts Dates Seen: 10/3/11, 10/17/11 (2 sessions), 10/24/11 Demographic Information: V.R. is a African American female in her early fifties, she is currently a full time graduate student. Her motive for returning to school is self-gratification. V.R. is not currently working but takes care of her family on a full time basis and has other responsibilities outside of the home. In the past V.R. has worked in retail. While growing up V.R. reports that she was raised in a two parent home on the south side of Chicago. She reports that she had a good relationship with both parents and a stable environment while growing up and tried very hard to satisfy her parents. Back when she was…show more content…
is trying to cope with being older than her classmates. V.R. is very goal oriented and feels as if her age slows her down when competing with her classmates academically. This client reports being stressed out, and needing to go over classwork over and over again before she finally gets it. She also wonders if returning to school was a mistake. Behavioral Observations: Mental Status Exam: During each session V.R. was neatly dressed. She wore business attire during each session and was very articulate. V.R. rate of speech was easy to understand and her recall was good on everything she discussed. V.R. was in a good mood during each session and did not show any signs of depression. However, in the beginning of the counseling experience quite a bit of anxiety was noted when it came to disclosing her age. V.R. demonstrated above average cognitive functioning and reported no suicidal or homicidal ideations. Other Relevant Observations: During each session V.R eye contact was good. She did not display any suspicious or guarded behavior but did appear to be a bit uncomfortable when asked to disclose her age to the counselor. DSM IV

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