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In the past few years I probably say I have referred to this statement "I need to go back to school" a thousand times. As time flies by and things never seem to change all that I have accomplished is how to be a stay at home mom and some work ethic. Not to mention three great kids and awesome friends. About twelve months ago I really started thinking about going back to school. I so many people tell me where to go. Then one day filed out an application to go back to school and got in to school. Returning to school with three kid is hard because when try to get them all to go to sleep or play quietly at the same time so you can do you can sit down and do your. For example, during the winter of 2009 I was sitting outside with the kids so they could play in the back yard. One of the kids wanted to sit my lap, the other one was trying to jump the fence and the youngest one want to cry and cry and cry until I gave in and stop what I was doing in my school work. So after that I dropped out of school. Then, March of 2010 I started to apply to different school so I could try it again and see how it goes. When I first started at LA College International online I thought it was going to be a breeze because my first two classes were computer class and they were so easy so I thought the rest of my classes were going to be the same. Then I started to have problems in the classroom and the teacher over there would not help me even when I asked for help. I had a lot of problems over there. Then I tried to transfer into South University but my SAT scores were too low. Finally I got into Ashford University. So far I like it over here. For example if I don’t understand something the teacher will help understand the assignment. On top of that I am passing all my classes. References 1) LA College International. 2010. 2) Ashford University. 2010.

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