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What influenced my decision to attend graduate school?

The purpose of this paper is to discuss what influenced my decision to return to school to pursue a graduate degree; some facilitators/barriers; educational goals; expectations of this course and how it will prepare me in becoming a nurse administrator. During my 20 years as a Registered Nurse with an associate’s degree, I have worked in practically every area of nursing. Some areas posed more challenging than others but all have played a major role in my decision today. I realize that an undergraduate education and years of experience alone will not afford you the necessary skills to participate in the global economy.
I am attending graduate school to improve my critical thinking;
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One of my areas of concern is evidence-based practice (EBP). This organization does not placed enough emphasis on EBP in home care considering the many risks that are involved in patients knowledge deficits in common areas like falls, preventing bed sores and the benefits that could be achieved with teaching them. EBP has been introduced to the United States years ago, however, many nurses have negative attitude towards research, in large part due to the manner in which they were taught research in their education program. In conclusion, I expect to gain a better understanding of this course, advance my knowledge skills, especially in EBP, demonstrate personal and professional integrity; concentrate on a more specific area of study. I enjoy researching topics of interest and making intellectual decisions. With my focus on administration I pursue to be more intellectually inclined; a critical thinker and an engineer in Master of Science in Nursing.
As per Kearney-Nunnery, “People do not manage the clock but, rather, organize their activities within the framework of time”. (Kearney-Nunnery, 4th

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