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Returning to School ENG 121 Distance Education James Meetze April 23, 2012 Returning to School There are many career paths that require a person to have some kind of higher education if he or she wants to have a chance at a decent job. With that thought in mind, that had me thinking about returning back to college hoping to complete my next degree. Making this decision was something that I had to take very seriously in order to get ahead in the workforce. Many positions require not only experience, but also the education to follow when applying for the position. Currently, I am employed with Omnicare Pharmacy which specializes in long-term care and other types of facilities. My current position is an Admissions/Intake Coordinator, I also process claims online to insurance companies. When I started with the company I had some experience with being a pharmacy technician, and have made my way through the company with time and training. Even though I love my job, I would like to move ahead in the company or try to transfer my skills to another. The results of…show more content…
I have a few reasons for wanting to return to school; the first reason is that I had made this as one of my goals in life, to obtain a degree that I feel I deserve. I had managed to complete the first half of my goal by obtaining my Associate’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and returned to work on my Bachelor’s. The second reason I return to school was to help my family become financially stable, this would allow us to have a home of our own. Having a degree will also help provide more than just the basic needs. The third reason I chose to return back to school, is to gain more knowledge and experience in the field I have chosen. I am always told that knowledge is power and I want to gain all of the knowledge possible. The only way to gain the knowledge that I seek is by returning to

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