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Returning to College There are many reasons why I decided to return to college. I am a single mother working for a salary that is unbearable to live off. Although I have an A.A degree in business administration, I still feel the need to further my education. Higher education changes everything in my opinion. So in this paper I will talk about how retuning to college can give me an advantage to reach a higher salary, gain more knowledge, and unlock various opportunities for myself. Working is something pretty much every adult has to do to survive in life. The problem is some adults never find a satisfying career that they love. I on the other hand, found that career. The major problem is that without a higher degree the salary is not suitable to live a decent life. So I returned to college to change that. I am a single mother, so the majority of my salary is utilized on my child. I have a car note and car insurance as well. Given these facts I am currently living with a relative. There is no way I can afford to add rent/mortgage, utilities, or any other bills to pay. Furthermore, I returned to college to gain more knowledge. I was told growing up that knowledge is power by various school teachers. Now that I am an adult I fully understand what that phrase means. Basically you can do whatever you set your mind to with the proper knowledge. You will have endless possibilities. What that means is even if you start in one career you are able to change it at any given moment. Also you will have the proper knowledge already in the new career at the point of the change. This is the type of knowledge base I want to have. You truly can, “be all that you can be” as the army states. Finally, I want to own two different types of businesses, in addition to teaching on an elementary level. One of those businesses will be a preschool ranging from

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