Retorical Analysis

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Got Food? “The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Go Hungry” written by Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton, states that there are many reasons for hunger in the world but the main one is the rich can afford food while the poor cannot. The world is making enough yields to feed the people of the world, but the problem is that not all people have the money to buy that food. The emotional appeals that Astyk make are very strong, but you cannot dismiss the fact that her logical claims are not fully backed up. “Inequity and politics, not food shortages, were at the root of almost all famines in the twentieth century” (580). I do not know how or where she got the idea of inequity and politics were the cause of the poor going hungry. The author does not state where she got this information at and gives her little credibility on the subject. When she states that Brazil exported $20 million in food in 2002 while the country’s people went hungry, is information, with all respect for Astyk, which a middle school student could find that would have almost the same influence on the essay as her. This just makes the case against her that she gives herself no credibility and she expects the audience to just believe what she says. Just think if Astyk did provide where she got her facts from, she would actually have some creditability that would help her out in this essay. Astyk takes a paragraph from Jeremy Seabrook’s book The No-Nonsense Guide to World Poverty that believes the way to help the poor nations feed themselves is to make the rich people richer because it will make the poor richer. The question I have is, how will making the rich richer make the poor richer? This question could have been avoided if she would have explained herself more instead of just leaving us to assume her so called plan. There is not enough money in the world to make everyone rich; otherwise every nation in

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